Individualisation with DesignCapes

Where colour has been the focus in all other aspects of interior design, DesignCapes let you individualise it in your drawers too. These interchangeable drawer cloaks mean you can colour your external drawer sides any colour you want. They are the perfect feature for New Zealand’s world-leading bespoke build culture. 

DesignCapes are perfectly suited for those trying to create something truly unexpected in your living space. The ability to custom colour for any pattern you choose opens up endless choice for how you integrate your storage or cabinets into the rest of your design. The DesignCape is unique to the AvanTech YOU drawer.

DesignCapes also support you in creating a timeless living space. Follow a trend today and have the option to change it out in five or ten years.

Design Profile Accent Colours

Aluminium Look
Stainless Steel Look
Oak Look
Hammerblow Copper Look
Concrete Look
Custom Coloured DesignCape

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